5D DIY алмазная живопись голубая абстрактная настенная искусство Декор крест

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5D DIY алмазная живопись голубая абстрактная настенная искусство Декор

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Decoration home Large 5D DIY Diamond Painting Blue Rose Flower Diamond Embroidery butterfly Full Dimond Mosaic Cross Stitch Kits

note: as the post rule, the max lengh of the parcel can not exceed 70cm,we have to fold the canvas when the short side of the canvas exceed 70cm when shippment , pls kindly understand it.

- Brand name :


Diamond Painting

-Feature: square/round diamond painting

-Material: square diamond:2.5mm2.5mm square  Resin Diamond

rounddiamond:2.8mmx2.8mm round Resin Diamond

-Color Quantity : 30-45 Colors

-Usage: Home/Hotel/Office Decoration,Unique Gift

-About Drill: 100% Full Drill

-About Frame: No Frame,  After you complete required for adhesion to the local buy Frame

-Canvas Package: Roll up , Avoid Creases

-Package Include: Full drill diamond , printed cloth, tools

About diamond quantity: with 20%~30% more quantity of diamond, absolute enough

Sizes available: Please select

Material:Cotton and  Square diamond

use : diy diamond painting ; diamond embroidery painting;

Items included:

1.  Enough the resin diamonds.

2.  A4 Model HD drawings (including drawings, color table)

3.  Used to clip gum drill tweezers, plastic tray.

Our store use square resin diamond as raw material and we have two diamond styles:nine-edge and thirteen-edge. Combination of these two styles will make the painting appear to be more elegant in texture with shinning brightness.Compared with traditional resin painting,our works have stronger sense of stereophotograph and luxury, perfectly expressed by new-style resin diamond, standing for your elegant taste for house decoration!

Resin diamond is manufactured by only few manufacturers. Besides, due to its tiny size, it’s hard to avoid deficiency issue absolutely. Meanwhile, it will also take a lot of laborers to pick up deficiency of items with such a tiny size. Therefore, Agassi decide toadd 20% more diamonds to each bag to make up for the possibility of deficiency issue as well as some unexpected circumstances like operation mistakes in DIY.

Agassi\'s resin diamond consists of 447 diamonds with different colors to express color changes required in all kinds of conditions. The rich colors and vivid effect will fully satisfy requirement for personal interest, collection, gifts, DIY, or being used as senior house decoration.

We sold the diamond painting material is the resin, the whole mosaic patterns are drilled out with a resin diamond, base map with adhesive photo paper. The sale of diamond painting is sold no quality problems do not return. (Example: the product is not the same with the picture, did not imagine the perfect product size does not see, there are defective, etc. are not a quality problem). Product dimensions indicated in the product description in the resin drill for professional factory mass production, but also small, there is inevitable defective drill, Thank you for your understanding! With resin diamond is going to be more with more than 30%, less drilling phenomenon generally does not appear, please rest assured purchase.

We can custom any size for you, and we can do custom photo, you just need to send us high resolution picture

About effect

The larger the size, the better the effect! Each diamond size : 2.5x2.5mm. If the picture is complex, small size will not very good! If you need large size of any pictures, please contact us!

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